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Why Care if the US Officially Recognizes Israel’s Capital as Jerusalem?

Regardless of the world’s religious or personal beliefs, the fact is that Jerusalem is the only city on earth that had its revival foretold by ancient prophets 2600+ years ago. There have been many seats of world power through the centuries- Rome, Athens, Babylon, pick an ancient city or civilization. None of them have any ancient prophecies foretelling their destruction, then their rise back to a world power in the earth… except Jerusalem. We are starting to see the beginnings of that restoration now.

Back to ancient times, God was clear with His plan for Jerusalem. Ezekiel 5:5 says “'This is Jerusalem; I have set her at the center of the nations, with lands around her.”Isaiah 52:2 tells the city to “Shake yourself from the dust, rise up, O captive Jerusalem; Loose yourself from the chains around your neck…” and that “the LORD has comforted His people, He has redeemed Jerusalem” (Isa 52:9).

Furthermore Zechariah 12:3 says that one day the Lord will move the city back to center stage of the earth’s attention: “It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured”. That seems to be happening now. Continue to read Zechariah and find that one day all nations will gather there to worship the King (Zechariah 14:16).

After the Roman destruction of the Temple in 70ad, Jerusalem was in shambles for almost 2 millennia. In 985, over 300 years into Muslim rule in the region, the Arab writer Muqaddasi lamented about the Muslim population in Jerusalem: "the mosque is empty of worshipers... The Jews constitute the majority of Jerusalem's population". (Muqaddasi, quoted by Erich Kahler who cites this statement from Knowlege of Crimes, p.167, in The Jews Among the Nations (New York: F. Ungar, 1967), p. 144.)

A traveler to Jerusalem in 1590 stated "Nothing there is to bescene but a little of the old walls, which is yet Remayning and all the rest is grasse, mosse and Weedes much like to a piece of Rank or moist Grounde (Gunner Edward Webbe, Palestine Exploration Fund, Quarterly Statement, p. 86, cited in de Haas, History, p. 338.)

The famous American writer Mark Twain wrote in 1867 that “Renowned Jerusalem itself, the stateliest name in history, has lost all its ancient grandeur, and is become a pauper village; the riches of Solomon are no longer there to compel the admiration of visiting Oriental queens.” (Innocents Abroad)

For the last 1900 years, no one cared about Jerusalem. Today, nations of the earth are panicked that the United States has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Never before in human history has a people group been forcibly removed from their land, returned 70 years later to the same piece of land then again forcibly removed and scattered to the ends of the earth, to return AGAIN 2000 years later to the same piece of real estate to rebuild their nation with same capital city, Jerusalem, as their ancient ancestors and kings. AND never before has the entire process been so accurately foretold thousands of years before. We are witnessing something that human history has never been seen before and something only God could do. This is not religious conjecture but historical fact.

So why is that a big deal? By recognizing Jerusalem’s ancient and historical connection to the Jewish people, in a way, it is acknowledging the miraculous and thereby “agreeing with God”. This is not about politics, international conflicts or religious beliefs; it is about witnessing an anomaly in human history, realizing that it has been against all natural odds and thereby recognizing that only God could have done this… especially since He told us He would do it 2600 years ago. Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is simply stating the obvious to anyone who has a Bible. If we are paying attention, much of what was foretold in the Bible is happening right now with stunning accuracy. If we are seeing it, we’ll reap the benefits.

To the world, this recognition means nothing. To God, it means the world.

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Doug Hershey is an author, conference speaker and founder of Ezra Adventures, an Israel focused travel and education company. From years of hands-on experience, cultivating unique relationships in Israel and a love for history, Doug provides a rare perspective on the connection between the Jewish Scriptures and present day Israel. When he is not in Israel, he is speaking in churches and synagogues about the prophesied restoration of Israel. For more info go to

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