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"I'm Doug Hershey and welcome to Ezra Adventures. I am an author, conference speaker, musician and travel lover. I like Turkish coffee with baklava, motorcycles, darbukas, and campfires in the wilderness. I believe that in the last 50 years we have seen 2600 year old biblical prophecies come to pass, just as they were foretold.


In 2010, I wrote a book called 'The Christian's Biblical Guide to Understanding Israel.' Since then, I’ve been speaking in churches and synagogues around the United States about the importance of Israel in the Bible and in current events.


I travel to Israel regularly to introduce others to this amazingly unique country. There are simply too many Jewish and Arab needs in Israel to just empathetically view it from a tour bus window. There are too many exotic adventures available to simply dream and read about it in someone else’s blog… (except mine, of course)… It’s time to 'go' and to 'do.' I hope you’ll join me in this sacred and rugged land."

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