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Israel Rising

Israel Rising

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Hey friends, I’m Doug Hershey. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, this idea started 14 years ago while taking one of my favorite drives in Israel- driving south on Hwy 90. This route follows the Jordan River from the Galilee region to the Dead Sea in about 2 hrs. 14 years ago, about 20 minutes after we would leave the rich and fertile farmland of the Galilee, the scenery would become dry, brown and dusty desert with small communities scattered along the way until you crested a ridge and saw the green and lush oasis of the ancient city of Jericho 90 mins later. Today, in only 14 years, it’s a different landscape. Due to new Israeli desert farming technology, this same journey is virtually green with desert orchards, vast greenhouses and small farms. The land is changing and today exports 1.5 billion flowers to the US and Europe… grown mostly in the desert.


This land has changed dramatically since Israel became a nation in 1948… just as Ezekiel prophesied. I have the old photos to prove it and you need to see this stunning comparison of what it looks like today!


“Israel Rising: Ancient Prophecy, Modern Lens” is a photo journalism book that compares old pictures of the Holy Land taken 100 years ago to current pictures taken from the same angle. This book will reveal the miraculous changes in this region since the establishment of Israel in a way that has never been done before. The circulation of these 100 year-old photos have been very limited creating virtually unseen changes revealed by our “then and now” photo comparisons; from the vast desert farms in the Negev, to booming coastal cities. It’s a literal fulfillment of the Hebrew prophets’ vision of ancient cities being rebuilt.

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