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How to get Involved

In Hebrew, Ezra means "help". Ezra Adventures was established as a way for western Christians and Jews to serve and support the practical needs in Israel and her neighbors, while still enjoying the unique history and adventure options the region has to offer. Today, this vision continues to grow.


According to the 2014 report from Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Israel has the highest poverty rates among countries in the developed world. Almost 21% of the Israeli population lives below the poverty line, which is almost double to other OECD nations. Over 30% of children in Israel live below the poverty line. In the Arab communities that are controlled by Hamas or the Palestinian Authority, these percentages sky rocket. Our groups of Jews and Christians assist and encourage support of indigenous organizations that aid in changing these numbers for the better, for both Jewish and Palestinian families.


While many charitable organizations take percentages out of every donation for “operating costs," Ezra Adventures LLC covers those costs by simply doing business. Through our partnership with Vital Seed Ministries we ensure that every dollar of your financial gift to Ezra Adventures through Vital Seed will go towards Ezra Adventure projects and needs in Israel and the West Bank. Ezra Adventure donations go towards the following needs: 

  • Work projects in cooperation with Ezra Adventure partners 

  • One-time financial support for individuals with verified needs in Israel and the West Bank 

  • Financial support for Israeli non-profits working with Ezra Adventures


Thank you for your consideration and support of all we do. We hope you’ll join us on a future Ezra Adventure trip and experience our projects firsthand.



Vital Seed is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that can provide tax deductable receipts for your giving. For more information contact us at