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Expedition durations:

8-14 days

Group sizes:

6-10 people

Expedition locations:

Israel, West Bank, Jordan 

Recent aid projects benefiting:

Poor and needy
Widows and Orphans
Holocaust Survivors
Small Business Entrepreneurs
Bedouin communities 

Palestinian Christians 


To connect Jewish and Christian support with the practical needs in Israel and the West Bank while enjoying all that this unique land has to offer.

Recent expedition highlights:


We provide personalized trips to Israel specifically customized to your small group's desires, making each trip to Israel truly unique. We don't do “tours”; We lead experiential expeditions that combine service projects, biblical sites and adventure options immersed in Israeli culture. Experience the real Israel! Enjoy conversational meals with locals. Get your hands dirty engaging in practical needs. Venture off the beaten path for new and local discoveries. Make a difference in a troubled world as you leave yours behind.


"I have traveled to a few other countries but going to Israel with Ezra Adventures was the best trip of my life."


Ivan / Lancaster, PA 

"We'd have no hesitation in recommending Ezra Adventures." 


The Kirubakaran Family / Australia & India 

"An Ezra Adventure is an amazing adventure!" 


Sherry / Tangier, VA


At Ezra Adventures we believe that no adventure is complete without doing good for those who need it and it one of the best ways to experience the people and the culture of Israel. No matter where you call home you don’t have to go far to find people in need and Israel is no different. That’s why Ezra Adventure partners with indigenous organizations that aid in improving the quality of life for both Israelis and Palestinians. Past service projects have involved soup kitchens, work with holocaust survivors, new immigrants, food distribution, small business development in the West Bank and basic construction needs. Come use your skills and strengths to help those in need and help make a change. Why be a tourist when you can become a friend!

Aside from its well known rich biblical and cultural history, Israel is becoming known as a creative and adventure seeking culture. Israel is about the size Rhode Island yet packs such unique landscape that include snow capped mountains, lush fertile plains, a stunning Mediterranean coast, arid deserts, and a tropical port. This provides a vast amount of opportunities like scuba diving, snowboarding, urban paintball, parasailing, 4x4 mountain camping trips, surfing, Segway routes, desert dune buggies, national hiking trails, spelunking, camel caravans… just to name a few. 

Our trips begin with you! We lead expeditions in Israel year round. Because we specialize in creating a uniquely personal and customized trip for your small group, we don’t schedule cookie cutter “Holy Land trips.” When an individual or group inquires about an Ezra Adventure in Israel we match their interests with locations and service projects. Individuals are welcome to join current groups after an application process. Contact us for more info on how to get the planning process started or join a group! 



"In Israel, in order to be a realist, you must believe in miracles."


- David Ben Gurion, Israel's first prime minister


Israel is like no other country on earth. Regardless of one’s religious or cultural connections to this sacred land, it’s stunning history cannot be denied. Never before in human history has a people group lived on a specific region of land, was forcibly removed, returned to the same piece of land, then forcibly removed again and scattered to the ends of the earth… only to return again to the same piece of real estate 2000 years later. Those returning are not only of the same blood line, but hold to the same religious scriptures, customs and language as their ancient ancestors. No people group in earth’s history even comes close to this...except the Jews. Ironically, this same people group is the only family that the God of the Bible is said to have made an everlasting covenant with that involved this same piece of land. These promises are found in the ancient Scriptures that are sacred to both Jews and Christians worldwide. This is either a shocking coincidence or an anomaly in human history… or perhaps it is the work of God.


One of the most repeated promises found in these ancient Scriptures is that God would return the Jewish people to the land that was promised to their forefathers. While many of these prophetic scriptures have been diminished to allegorical fairy tales for centuries, modern history and current events are revealing how accurate they were. From the time of the prophets, this land had been conquered and reconquered over 20 times, yet never became a homeland for any other people group nor would the land produce for any other people group. Yet after two millenia and less than 70 years after the Jewish nation was officially declared in their ancestral homeland, Israel’s Gross National Product (GNP) had quickly grown to more than double its surrounding nations and is a major exporter of vegetables and flowers throughout all of Europe. Life changing technologies, medical advancements, and agricultural research discoveries from Israel are changing the world. The desert is blooming and this former wasteland is coming alive! Join us, get involved and come experience it for yourself!


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